Paesaggio/Carlo e Fabio Ingrassia

Paesaggio is one of the two exhibition cycles of the program Quotidiana at the Museo di Roma- Palazzo Braschi conceived and produced by La Quadriennale di Roma in collaboration with Roma Culture, Rome’s Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to explore a number of significant trends in 21st-century Italian art.

Every two months, six curators (three Italian and three foreign) reflect on artistic trajectories of particular interest through a critical text and an exhibition of a few essential works.

The fourth exhibition of Paesaggio, from 17 March to / May 2023, is dedicated to the artists duo Carlo and Fabio Ingrassia (Catania, 1985) and it is introduced by an essay by Michelangelo Pistoletto. 

In the work of the twins Carlo and Fabio Ingrassia, artistic creation is an existential practice: to quote Michelangelo Pistoletto, their work is “where the connection, union, integration and fusion of all the individual and separate elements takes place.” The two artists work in synergy, completing each project following a meticulous methodological plan. They work simultaneously on the same square centimetre of paper, which is organised by a grid. As they progress, the surface records a think layering of signs that gradually overlap and construct a complex image, whose format is very small.

Astrazione novecentista (La casa rossa), part of the homonymous series, is created using coloured pastels and presents us with a fragmented view of an outdoor domestic scene. The walls become a threshold between private and public, a sensitive plane of entry to an intimate place we are not, however, allowed to access, evoking an imagined or dream-like dimension, characterised by a sense of estrangement and melancholy. In the apparent oscillation generated by the artists’ treatment of light, the image is constructed like a quivering space, able to express in a radical way the precarity of experience. The essay can be read by clicking here.

The exhibition venue is the Museo di Roma-Palazzo Braschi (Piazza di San Pantaleo, 10/Piazza Navona, 2). Admission free without reservation. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 19.00