Paesaggio/Eva & Franco Mattes

Paesaggio is one of the two exhibition cycles of the program Quotidiana at the Museo di Roma- Palazzo Braschi conceived and produced by La Quadriennale di Roma in collaboration with Roma Culture, Rome’s Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to explore a number of significant trends in 21st-century Italian art.

Every two months, six curators (three Italian and three foreign) reflect on artistic trajectories of particular interest through a critical text and an exhibition of a few essential works.

The third exhibition of Paesaggio, from 20 January to 12 March 2023, is dedicated to the artists duo Eva & Franco Mattes (both born in Brescia, 1976) and it is introduced by an essay by Nadim Samman (curator for the digital sphere at  KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin).
Nadim Samman has credited Eva & Franco Mattes with one of the most interesting lines of research in the 21st-century Italian art scene. The Brescia duo has been among the first to question the implications of hyperconnectivity and the tensions generated by the interference between the online and offline dimensions.

The video installations belonging to the The Bots series (2020), were created on the basis of interviews with people working as content moderators on major social media sites: this job has not been completely automated, and still today relies on the mediation of human decision-making. A group of actors are asked to read these interviews while simulating the recording of a make-up totorial – an expedient often used on the web to circumvent the censorship of otherwise untransmissible content. Random make-up tips puntuate and intersperse the flow of a discourse that addresses the issues of online abuse and violence. The videos are projected on the back of the same desks used in the Facebook moderators’ office in Berlin. The essay can be read by clicking here.

The exhibition venue is the Museo di Roma-Palazzo Braschi (Piazza di San Pantaleo, 10/Piazza Navona, 2). Admission free without reservation. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 19.00