Paesaggio/Alterazioni Video and Ryts Monet

Paesaggio is one of the two exhibition cycles of the program Quotidiana at the Museo di Roma- Palazzo Braschi conceived and produced by La Quadriennale di Roma in collaboration with Roma Culture, Rome’s Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to explore a number of significant trends in 21st-century Italian art.

Every two months, six curators (three Italian and three foreign) reflect on artistic trajectories of particular interest through a critical text and an exhibition of a few essential works.

The fifth exhibition of Paesaggio, from 13 May to 2 July 2023, is dedicated to Alterazioni Video (Artist collective founded in Milan in 2004) e Ryts Monet (Bari, 1982) and it is introduced by an essay by the curator Marie-Therese Bruglacher. Her essay investigates a tendency in contemporary Italian art that could be described as ‘anti-monumental’. There are indeed several artists who in the last twenty years have addressed the idea of the monument and its critical place in the present: who and what is represented? How does a monument ─ which is static according to historical and architectural definitions ─ remain alive and communicate with the changing environment that surrounds it? The artists invited pose these questions in a dialogical manner. The essay can be read by clicking here.

Collages (2018) by Alterazioni Video offer a comprehensive overview of the architectural structures investigated in the famous project on the Incompiuto siciliano, cartographies of the socio-economic and political present that reveal a new idea of contemporary monument and ruins.

Ryts Monet, with his work Taking the Shadow of an Obelisk and Letting it Dissolve into the Sea (2018), engages with one of the most controversial monumental forms of colonial history, the obelisk, whose shadow is imprinted through the technique of cyanotype, fixed in the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

I Collages (2018) di Alterazioni Video offrono una panoramica completa delle strutture architettoniche indagate nel celebre progetto sull’Incompiuto siciliano, cartografie del presente socio-economico e politico che rivelano un’idea nuova di monumento e di rovina contemporanei.

The exhibition venue is the Museo di Roma-Palazzo Braschi (Piazza di San Pantaleo, 10/Piazza Navona, 2). Admission free without reservation. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 19.00