Paolo Pretolani


every day a studio visit
Stefano Coletto meets Paolo Pretolani


The first task of a research organisation dedicated to the study and analysis of contemporary Italian art is to construct its own field of investigation.

Panorama is a project aimed at monitoring the Italian art scene through a daily studio visit activity carried out by 15 curators evenly distributed throughout the country. Every day, on the pages of this website in the Panorama section and the Quaderni d’arte italiana magazine, the public will be offered a critical presentation of an artist based on an observation of their current work.

About 30 studio visits will be proposed each month and evenly distributed among the north (10), the centre (10) and the south (10) of Italy, with the aim of representing the entire range of local scenes on a national horizon.

The curators involved in the Panorama project: for northern Italy: Elisa Carollo, Stefano Coletto, Edoardo De Cobelli, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Francesca Guerisoli, Francesca Disconzi e Federico Palumbo (Osservatorio Futura); for central Italy: Nicolas Martino, Angel Moya Garcia, Marco Scotti, Daniela Trincia, Marco Trulli; for southern Italy: Daniela Bigi, Marcello Francolini, Lorenzo Madaro, Chiara Pirozzi, Alessandra Troncone.

Open door

critics under 35 can apply to participate in this monitoring project.