Friends of the Quadrienniale

The Friends of the Quadriennale are not an ordinary group supporting the activities of a cultural institution. The idea behind their establishment is to create a real cross-sectional community that can take part in a series of activities organised by the Foundation and become its first source of discussion and dialogue For this reason, our membership campaign is not only aimed at collectors and patrons, but at anyone interested in learning more about and following contemporary art closely, with the hope of attracting young people and students too.

The fees charged for joining the programme are extremely democratic and are generally not to be considered as support fees, but as a contribution for participation in the Institution’s programmes.

The first annual programme offered to the Friends of the Quadriennale for 2022 is a cycle of meetings on the history of Italian art in the 21st century. While much has been said and written about the artistic adventures of the second half of the 20th century, from Arte Povera to the Transavantgarde, very few publications have dealt with the artistic production that began in 2000. For this reason, having the opportunity to reconstruct the values and phenomena that have emerged in these years with the help of critics and artists can prove very important in developing a useful tool both for those who wish to have an active dialogue in terms of reading and understanding the current scene, and for those who, as collectors, seek to understand the critical placement of the works in which they are interested.

  • For those aged under 35, becoming a Friend of the Quadriennale and having access to the Stories from the 21st century programme costs 150 euros per year.
  • For Friends aged over 35, the cost is 250 euros per year.
  • Supporting Friends will be able to demonstrate their dual interest in the Institution and its programmes with 500 euros per year.

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