Present day

In August 2019, under the artistic direction of Sarah Cosulich, a change at the top of the institution took place.  Umberto Croppi, a former board member of the Foundation, was appointed President. Franco Bernab√® became honorary president.

After the 2020 Art Quadriennale FUORI, the Board of Directors chaired by Croppi continued in the direction of entrusting a professional selected through a public call for applications and appointed as Artistic Director with the task of planning and implementing the Foundation’s cultural activities. This time, the mandate was to cover the 2021-2024 three-year period and specifically exclude the organisation of the Art Quadriennale, scheduled for 2025. The aim was to focus attention on projects that will enable the Quadriennale to consolidate its role as a point of reference for the Italian art scene. Here are the guidelines: activities dedicated to research into and promotion of emerging art; training and professional development initiatives in the field of contemporary arts; initiatives aimed at creating stable collaboration relationships with similar institutions abroad; communication, research and training initiatives relating to the world of digital and web technologies. Gian Maria Tosatti was appointed Artistic Director in September 2021.