Portfolio/Gabriella Siciliano

Portfolio is one of the two exhibition cycles of the program Quotidiana at the Museo di Roma- Palazzo Braschi conceived and produced by La Quadriennale di Roma in collaboration with Roma Culture, Rome’s Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to explore a number of significant trends in 21st-century Italian art.

Once a month, eleven artists under the age of 35 are presented in the exhibition with a single work. Their research is narrated in a portfolio developed by the Curator-in-residence at La Quadriennale.

The fourth exhibition of Portfolio, (17 December 2022 to 12 January 2023), is dedicated to Gabriella Siciliano (Napoli, 1990). Her practice is mostly articulated in site-specific installations, uses irony to delve into the incoherence of contemporary Western societies and, in particular, the distortions which underpin the modern concepts of commodity, work and entertainment. The pop aesthetic, which is a recurring feature of her works, is used as an expedient to render even more strident the tragic and melancholic overtones which stem from society’s substantial detachment from the body, from nature and from an ancestral sense of community. To consult his portfolio read here.

Mi manchi (2022), the work here exhibited, is an intervention created specifically for the spaces of Palazzo Braschi, which the artist transforms into a cell for animals, complete with industrial curtains and a tap for washing. The horses, which are the main subjects of the installation, appear to have just finished their shift on the rotating platform of a carousel and are depicted in a moment at rest. The artist sets them in a suspended time and space, without showing how the narrative evolves. The undefined fate of these animals, once their work shift is over, confronts the visitor with an interpretative moment and a reflection on the role of entertainment, work and commodities in today’s society, in combination with a way of understanding, in this system, the life of human and living beings.

The exhibition venue is the Museo di Roma-Palazzo Braschi (Piazza di San Pantaleo, 10/Piazza Navona, 2).
Admission free without reservation. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 – 19.00.