Stories from the 21st century

The Quadriennale offers its Friends a cycle of events on the history of Italian art in the 21st century intended to develop tools for navigating the more contemporary art scene. The cycle includes a number of events, including lectures and visits to artists’ studios, collections and contemporary art spaces, with the participation of curators.

The initiative is organised under the coordination of Ludovico Pratesi. .

The lectures cover the history of Italian art from 2000 to present day and will take place on a monthly basis. Their aim is to explore the careers of the most representative artists of this twenty-year period and identify contextual elements that can allow for an organic reading of the different paths within a single landscape.

The lectures last 60 minutes and are led by Ludovico Pratesi, with the participation of guest artists and curators.

Atelier visits
Every two months, a series of studio visits are organised with artists who are mainly active in the Roman area, with a special focus on Artist Run Spaces, that is, the self-managed spaces created by artists in some parts of the city during the pandemic.

Exploring the collections
Every two months, a private collector in Rome opens the doors of their collection for an exclusive visit designed to provide an insight into Italian collections.

This training course, which will begin in May 2022, is reserved for those who wish to join our community by becoming Friends of the Quadriennale. Click here to find out how to join.

Click here to find out how to join.