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  • Quadriennale historic archive 1927–2000

    Paper records from over eighty years of activity. Documents on the Quadriennali d’Arte, the exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and relationships with cultural institutions. The materials include correspondence with artists, critics, collectors and scholars, images of the exhibitions, photographs of the works, films and press reviews. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Contemporary artists 1905–2010 collection

    Files on over thirteen thousand five hundred 20th and 21st-century artists, mostly Italian. The collection is constantly being updated. It includes correspondence, photographic material, printed material (invitations, leaflets, booklets, posters), press cuttings, curricula and short biographies. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Nino Bertocchi 1924_1956 epistles

    The artistic and literary activity of Nino Bertocchi (1900–1956), relationships with art historians and critics, artists, editors, architects and scholars. Bertocchi had over sixty correspondents, including: Argan, Bardi, Falqui, Mafai, Pavolini and Pagano. Oppo sent him more than fifty letters, which are of particular interest. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Giovanni Carandente 1947–2009 collection

    The entire career of Carandente (1920–2009), from his roles in public administration to his scientific activity and research and his work as an art critic, exhibition organizer and teacher. Papers, sketches, notes, articles, conference and television talks, press releases and photographs. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Libero De Libero 1930–1980 collection

    Primarily comprised of the epistles of Libero de Libero (1903–1981), a poet, art critic and scholar, whose correspondents included: Pecci Blunt, Brandi, Colla, Montale and Quasimodo. The collection also contains photographs, files on publishing projects, writings in his own hand and printed material. TO BE INVENTORIED SHORTLY
  • Ercole Drei 1908–1973 collection

    The activity of Ercole Drei (1886–1973), a painter and sculptor, from his early training to his Roman period at Villa Strohl-Fern, with extensive documentation of his monumental works. The collection comprises photographs, flyers, posters, leaflets, invitations and, to a lesser extent, correspondence and writings. COMING SOON ONLINE
  • Franco Gentilini 1932–2010 collection

    Conserved in part by Luciana Gentilini Giuntoli, the artist’s wife, and in part by the Quadriennale, this collection brings together the papers of Gentilini (1909–1981), photographs of his works, bibliographic material and records of the promotional work carried out by his wife until 2010. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Elena Lacava 1950–2005 collection

    This collection documents the wide-ranging activities of Elena Lacava (1924–2005), from her debut has an artist to her work promoting art in the 1970s and 1980s at Il Luogo gallery. Correspondence, printed material, photographs, books and the collection of the ELLE CI serial editions comprised of files of drawings, books as objects of art and multiples. COMING SOON ONLINE
  • Umberto Mastroianni 1933–1998 collection

    All the activity of Umberto Mastroianni (1910–1998). Writings, papers, catalogues, correspondence regarding exhibitions and events, photographs of works and exhibitions. Press reviews on the artist from the 1930s to the 1990s. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Lorenzo Tornabuoni 1957–2004 collection

    Over five hundred works on paper by Lorenzo Tornabuoni (1934–2004), mostly from the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to the core collection of works donated by Irene de Guttry, the collection also includes private papers, catalogues and photographs from his sister Lietta Tornabuoni. COMING SOON ONLINE
  • Antonello Trombadori 1921–1993 collection

    This collection reflects the various fields of activity of Antonello Trombadori (1917–1993). Letters, writings, records, notes, files of documents, printed material and photographs, particularly works of art. His correspondents included: Morandi, Arcangeli, Fellini, Pasolini, Volponi and Berlinguer. AVAILABLE ONLINE
  • Lorenza Trucchi 1949–1995 collection

    A collection of around one thousand five hundred articles written by the art critic for newspapers and periodicals. A record of Italian art through reviews of monographic exhibitions and major events. The publications include: Il Momento, Qui Arte Contemporanea, La Fiera Letteraria, Il Corriere della Sera, Momento-sera, Il Giornale Nuovo, La Voce and L’Europa letteraria. AVAILABLE ONLINE