• Which kind of organizations are eligible to Q-International grants?
    Organizations eligible for Q-International grants should be non-profit making public or private legal entities whose registered offices are not in Italy, and whose purpose is the promotion of contemporary visual arts. Exhibitions or events must also take place in non-profit making public or private institutions or organizations.
    The venue where the exhibition or event is to be held must be mentioned in the documentation attached to the application form.

  • Can organizations without a public o private legal status apply?
    Organizations that do not have a public or private legal status are not admitted to the Call for Applications.

  • Can for-profit organizations apply?
    Applications will not be accepted from public or private for-profit organizations, such as commercial art galleries, art fairs, private collections, etc. Therefore, exhibitions or events must also take place in non-profit public or private institutions or organizations.

  • Can Italian Cultural Institutes abroad apply?
    The Italian Cultural Institutes abroad are not admitted to the Call for Application, since they belong to the diplomatic network of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • If two or more organizations share the same project, how can they send the application?
    In the event that two or more organizations have planned the same project dedicated to the same artist or artists, each organization must send the documentation required by the ‘Call for Applicant Q_International Fall 2018’ and participate individually.

  • Can organizations apply for more than one edition of Q-International?
    All interested organizations are allowed to apply for more than one edition of the Call for Applications Q-International. The next call (Spring 2019) will be published on 30 April 2019 on the website www.quadriennalediroma.org

  • By when and how can my organization send an application to Q-International Fall 2018?
    Applications must be sent to the Foundation by email no later than 4 p.m. CEST time on Monday 26 November 2018 to the following email address:
    The grant application must be made by completing the Application Form (which may be downloaded from the download area of the Fondazione La Quadriennale di Roma website at: www.quadriennalediroma.orgh/q-international/), signed by the legal representative of the applicant organization. In order for the application to be accepted, the documentation described at paragraph 5 of the Call for Applications must be attached.

  • What is the language to be used in the documentation to be sent to Q-International?
    The documentation (Application form and related attachments) to be sent for participation in ‘Call for Applications Q-International’ must be in English.

  • What is the time span of the events which may affected by Q-International Fall 2018?
    Applications will only be accepted relating to exhibition or events that are that will open between 1 March 2019 and 29 February 2020.

  • What are the requirements of the artists for whom my organization may request a contribution?
    The artists for whom organizations may request a contribution must be Italian citizens – resident in Italy or abroad – of foreign artists who are naturalized Italian citizens or who permanently live and work in Italy. Will only accept applications regarding participations by living Italian artists.

  • What are the budget items eligible for funding?
    Regarding paragraph 4, point 1, page 2 of the ‘Call for Applications Q-International_Fall 2018′, travel expenses in economy class, including intercontinental flights, are allowed for artists and performers only during the setting up and inauguration phases of the exhibition or performance.
    Regarding paragraph 4, point 2, page 2 of the ‘Call for Applications Q-International_Fall 2018’, accommodation expenses (in hotel or other accommodation with breakfast if included in the price) are allowed for artists and performers during the setting up and inauguration phases of the exhibition or performance. There are no refunds for meals and per diem expenses.
    Finally, the transport of the works (paragraph 4, point 4, page 2 of the ‘Call for Applications Q-International_Fall 2018’) may include any route, even intercontinental ones.
    Funding may also be requested for one or more of the following expenses: fees only in the event of participation by performers (artists and their assistants are excluded); transport of the works; hire of audio-video equipment necessary for the presentation of the works for the duration of the exhibition or event; publication of the catalogue and other publications in paper and digital format that accompany the event; translation of the subtitles into languages other than Italian; Public Programme activities (for example, travel and accommodation for artists and speakers, audio and video recording of talks); documentation of the exhibition (photo and video services), as detailed at paragraph 4, pages 2-3 of the Call for Applications.

  • Which projects and budget items are not eligible for funding?
    Funding will NOT be granted for the following expenses: costs related to the production of the works; artists’ fees, with the sole exception of performers; insurance of the works; Public Relations, agency or marketing activities; fixed running costs; support for artist residencies.
    Please note that organizations willing to submit education programmes, residencies and productions are not admitted to Q-International funding.

  • Can I apply to Q-International if my organization benefits from other funding?
    The Q-International Grant can fund projects supported in parallel with other Italian and/or foreign institutions or organizations. Potential sponsors can be mentioned in all the communication materials and publications for the exhibition or event.

  • Which kind of photo documentation must be attached to the exhibition project?
    The images of the works to be sent in support of the plan for the exhibition – as requested in paragraph 5, point 2, page 3 of the ‘Call for Applications Q-International_Fall 2018 – must document the initiative in general, while giving more evidence to the Italian participation.

  • How accurate must be the costs for each item of expenditure in the budget of the initiative?
    Regarding point 6 of the Application Form Q-International_Fall 2018, ‘Budget of the whole initiative’, we confirm that applicant organizations must provide a breakdown of the costs of the whole initiative by specifying for each item of expenditure, indicated at page 4 of the Application Form, the most realistic amount corresponding to their current estimated budget.

  • What is the Foundation’s deadline for communicating the successful applications?
    All applicants will be informed of the results of the assessment by Friday 31 January 2019.